Do Not Require a Work Permit in Canada

Foreign workers may seek employment in Canada without a work permit if they work in one of the following jobs(Canadian jobs without work permit):

  1. Business Visitor

  2. Foreign Representatives and Their Family Members

  3. Military Personnel

  4. Foreign Government Officers

  5. On-Campus Work

  6. Performing Artists

  7. Athletes and Team Members

  8. News Reporters and Media Crews

  9. Public Speakers

  10. Convention Organizers

  11. Clergy

  12. Judges, Referees and Similar Officials

  13. Examiners and Evaluators

  14. Expert Witnesses or Investigators

  15. Health Care Students

  16. Civil Aviation Inspectors

  17. Aviation Accident or Incident Inspectors

  18. Crew

  19. Emergency Service Providers

  20. Implied Status

  21. Off-Campus Work

  22. Farm Work

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