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Canada's Highest Paying Jobs by Education Level

The Government of Canada’s Job Bank features a Career Planning, resource that lists the highest-paying jobs in Canada by degree level. The Job Bank, which is listed for diploma holders, graduates with a bachelor’s degree, and students with a master’s degree, covers some of the highest-paying positions that may be obtained with all three of these achievements. The top three best job opportunities in Canada for each are listed below, along with the average salaries according to the Government of Canada.

Graduates with a Diploma

Diploma programs and courses are often available to those with a specific area of interest. Diploma-based programs are often shorter in length than Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and students must have finished high school in order to apply. 

The top three highest-paying jobs in Canada for diploma holders are: 

  • Installer and operator of stationary energy sources. Average Salary: $128,310 
  • Heavy/industrial equipment maintenance technologies: Average Salary: $74,248
  • Allied health diagnostic, intervention, and treatment professions. Average Salary: $69,163 

Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree programs are often completed in three to four years, depending on program requirements. At over 100 universities around the country, Canada offers over 10,000 different Bachelor’s Degree programs.  The top three highest-paying & the best jobs in Canada for Indian Bachelor’s Degree holders are:

  • Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Average Salary: $109,645 
  • Chemical engineering and related studies. Average Salary: $91,278.
  • Other engineering-related fields: Average Salary: $80,003 

Graduates with a Master’s Degree

Master’s Degree programs are normally one or two years in length and need the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree program as a requirement. Completing these programs, which are frequently offered in practically any subject of study that a specific student is interested in, typically requires the student to complete a thesis, practicum, or research paper. 

The top three highest-paying jobs in Canada, for those who Immigrate to Canada from India with a Master’s Degree are:

  • Finance and financial management services. Average Salary: $106,578.
  • Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Average Salary: $103,059.
  • Accounting. Average Salary: $102,610.

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