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Will International Student Victims of Fraud be Deported?

“There have been recent reports of international students and graduates facing deportation from Canada after letters of acceptance submitted as part of their study permit application were found to be fraudulent.” Only those candidates deemed to be genuine or victims of fraud will be allowed to remain in Canada. Those found guilty, however, will face prosecution under Canadian law,” Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser stated.

The Extent of the Fraud

According to the Canadian government, 700 overseas students from India obtained fake acceptance letters from an untrustworthy agent to Immigrate to Canada from India. However, there are now only a few dozen known cases. Investigations are still underway, and it is potential that more students will be identified. The students were duped into acquiring and applying for Canada PR based on forged acceptance letters, only to find out upon arrival that their selected programs were full. They were instead routed to alternative educational institutes.

Protecting Genuine Students

In a significant relief, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced that international students who were victims of post-secondary education acceptance letter fraud will not be deported. On June 15, 2023, the Canadian Immigration minister made this statement during a press conference. The judgment intends to help students who were duped by unscrupulous individuals professing to help them with their immigration applications. Students must, however, demonstrate their genuine aim to study in Canada as well as their lack of involvement in fraudulent operations.

To identify and support the victims, the government has organized a task group with the Canada Border Services Agency. Temporary Resident Permits will be provided in circumstances where students can demonstrate their genuine intent to study and their ignorance of the fake documents. However, the minister issued a warning to students who were aware of the fake certificates that they would risk deportation. The Canadian government remains determined to hold anyone involved in the fraudulent scheme legally accountable.

Halting Deportation Orders and Enhanced Measures


To protect the rights of affected students, the government has imposed a temporary hold on outstanding deportation orders. Individuals facing deportation might use this phrase to explain their cases and demonstrate their sincere desire to study in Canada. The Immigration and Refugee Board, which adjudicates immigration issues, previously determined that students might be deported even if they were unaware of the fraud. In light of the current discoveries, this strategy is being reconsidered.

Officials from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will work with Designated Learning Institutions to create improved detection and prevention methods to combat fraud. This collaboration strives to detect and prosecute dishonest and fraudulent immigration advisers who prey on persons seeking educational opportunities or permanent residence in Canada. The government recognizes the importance of safeguarding the international student program’s integrity while also maintaining the mental health and well-being of those touched by this distressing scenario.

Addressing Concerns and Opposition Pressure

Members of the opposition have expressed concerns about the treatment of victims of the fraud scheme and have urged the Liberal government to take action. Despite being victims, several students had to employ immigration lawyers to resist deportation. Minister Fraser acknowledged the gravity of the situation and stated that efforts were being made to better understand and address it. While many international students were victims, he also stated that there were cases where foreign people had no intention of continuing higher education and exploited bogus acceptance letters for immigration purposes, including organized crime activities.


The Canadian government’s decision not to deport international students who were victims of a fraud operation involving fake acceptance letters provides solace to many innocent people who sincerely wanted to study in Canada. The administration hopes to defend the reputation and integrity of the international student program by prioritizing the protection of real students and stepping up measures to prevent fraudulent activity. Stricter detection methods will be established in close partnership with educational institutions to prevent future cases of fraud. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of a strong immigration system before applying for Canada PR that protects both parties’ interests.

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