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IRCC Announced New Selection Categories for Express Entry Candidates in Canada

Canada could be termed as the land of opportunities. It has always been a preferred destination for Indians aspiring for a better life and career options. With its robust economy, multiethnic society and strong life support for immigrants, Canada continues to attract people from all across the world. In its decision to further streamline immigration, the Canadian government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau has recently announced new selection categories for Express Entry candidates. This is exciting news for individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada from India, as it opens new gateways for realizing their dreams. Let’s delve into the details of the latest developments and updates to understand the criteria for eligibility for Canada’s Express Entry. Express Entry System: A Quick Overview: Before discussing the selection categories, it is important to understand the process of Canada immigration through the Express Entry system. The Express Entry system is a merit-based immigration program that deals with applications for permanent residency in Canada. The evaluation of the applicants are done on the basis of their education, skills, work experience, language proficiency etc. Candidates who pass the evaluation process are then issued invitations to apply for permanent residency in Canada. New Selection Categories: A Fresh Perspective on Canada Express Entry: The new selection categories are introduced by the Canadian government with the aim of enhancing flexibility and inclusivity. These categories will fairly broaden the opportunities for individuals to immigrate to Canada from India and other countries, making their dreams of living in Canada possible. The introduction of these categories denotes the desire of the Canadian government to attract a pool of talent from diverse ethnicity and race who could actively contribute to the growth of the economy. AICS Immigration: Services in Vancouver: If you are feeling overwhelmed with the process of immigration to Canada, AICS (Azmin Immigration and Consultancy Services) is here to help you out. AICS has been successfully providing immigration assistance to individuals from all over the world for almost three decades now. Their team takes time to know the candidates personally and ensure that the candidates understand all the available options. AICS offers affordable pricing in the business with excellent service. So, if you are feeling lost regarding the process of Canadian immigration, you may give AICS a chance. Enhanced Eligibility for Express Entry: The latest developments in the selected categories have expanded the eligibility criteria for Express Entry candidates. Along with already existing paths, candidates now have additional options to showcase their skills and qualifications. These categories are designed specifically to grab the attention of individuals of various streams, such as Science and Technology, Healthcare and Social Sciences. If you have been trying to thoroughly understand the process of Canada immigration and aspire to start a new chapter in your life, these changes in the Express Entry system could be helpful in understanding opportunities suiting your potential. Keep yourself up-to-date with the fresh developments and information and regularly consult with immigration experts to ensure you make the most out of these options. Canada is a dreamland that awaits you with open arms. Go and explore!